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Foam Roller Set

This is all of the items included in our foam roller set. 

You can find out more about each item and it's purpose below. 

P.S (The tablet is not included - but the eBook is)

The whole set is currently on sale and will be going up in price soon, so don't miss out.

Foam Roller

The use of our foam roller is a great tool to use in between your every day life or workout routine. 

Perfect for easing tension in sore areas, this foam roller is mainly used for the legs, glutes & back.

You can use this to roll away those unwanted knots and tight muscles, helping you achieve improved blood circulation and flexibility.

Spiky Massage Ball

This massage ball on the other hand is made for those harder to reach areas.

You can roll it around under your foot after a long day of standing, or use it on your neck/shoulders to relieve tension caused by sitting all day, helping you attack the day ahead of you.

A great tool which can be used anywehre, due to it's size and weight.

Resistance Band

We love to assist you, not just resist you.

This natural latex resistance band can be used around all sports. It can be used as a tool for additional stretching, or can indeed be used for your main workout. 

Ideal for body shaping & stretching. This can be kept anywhere and is perfect for home-based exercises.

e-Book Guide

We want to make your experience using all of our products excellent.

This is why with every purchase you receive our FREE easy to follow foam rolling guide.

If you have purchased our item via Amazon, it will be sent to you via an Amazon email.

If for any reason you have not recieved it then click the 'Free Download' button below.

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